Medical Division

Our mission when it comes to providing medical equipment is simple. We seek to provide equipment to medical institutions that share our values and ethics. This may make us more conservative then our competitors but the nature of medical practice is such that we want to maintain highest ethical standards in the field.

Education Division

Armfield can trace its history back over 130 years, throughout which, the Company’s policy of quality, innovation and service has helped it to maintain a strong market position and develop a reputation for industry leadership in the field of Engineering teaching.

Scientific Division

Technology Links can be justifiably proud of the fact that it has helped facilitate the production of state of the art research in Pakistan’s industrial and research labs by ensuring that these institutions have access to world-class instruments.

Energy Division

Technology Links with its more than two decades of experience in supplying and developing innovative state of the art technologies in Pakistan first ventured into the energy business in the year 2012.

Application Lab

Technology Links is holding state of the art Application Lab to support our valuable clients in the field of Chromatography.

Project Division

The company has to its credit a number of projects implemented in the areas of health, education, science, environment and rural development. The company receives a fee for its services in the form either of a lump sum payment or of a percentage of total project cost. Technology Links invariably works with multinational trading companies as their agent and counterpart in Pakistan.