Speed and Sensitivity Beyond Comparison

Continuing the evolution of Shimadzu’s UF technology,
Shimadzu introduces the LCMS-8050 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer,
offering unparalleled measurement speeds and high-sensitivity performance.
High-sensitivity quantitation delivered at high speed
Multi-component analysis performed more rapidly
Simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analyses
The high performance of the LCMS-8050 dees expectations,
redening high-sensitivity, high-speed analysis.


A Case Study Using High-Speed Positive/Negative Ionization Switching
High-speed polarity switching has a high impact on LC-MS/MS method design and capability by optimizing the signal response for each target
compound resulting in a single injection analysis cycle, faster rates of sample throughput and a greater number of target compounds in a single


Simultaneous Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Simultaneous High-Speed Screening of 12 Toxicological Drugs
The LCMS-8050 is capable of simultaneously obtaining both qualitative and quantitative information in a single analysis. Acquisition
occurs so rapidly that MS/MS scans and MRM measurements can be performed concurrently while maintaining quantitative accuracy.
MS/MS scans are usable and reliable because even at 30,000 u/sec, Shimadzu uses a 0.1 u scan step.


Detect Target Compounds at Trace-Level Concentrations
Simultaneous Analysis of 29 Pesticides for Water Quality Analysis
The LCMS-8050 is capable of simultaneously acquiring 555 MRM transitions per second without sacricing accuracy and precision. A high
sampling rate delivers precise and accurate quantitation for quantitation ions, reference ions, and internal standard ions even in chromatographic
regions with unresolved peaks. The high sensitivity of the LCMS-8050 allows for trace-level analysis, such as pesticides in drinking water, without
the need for sample pre-concentration. This high sensitivity is maintained even when monitoring large panels of target compounds.