UV 1900i


UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Easy, Accurate Water Analysis of 22 Sample Types/39 Items


  1. Easy operation:
  • The operation screen provides instructions from sample preparation to analysis with the UV-1280.
  • Follow the messages on the UV-1280 screen.
  • Simply insert the sample cell to analyze using built-in measurement parameters and calibration curves for 39 items in 22 types of samples.
  • The automatic analysis commences after a specified time. The elapsed time is displayed on the screen, concentration values are displayed automatically after the specified time has elapsed, and a buzzer sounds to indicate that the analysis is complete.
  • If the optional multicell holder (6 cells) is used, up to six cells can be measured consecutively in one analysis.
  • Calibration curves created with another reagent can be used by customizing a calibration curve.

2. Safe reagent kit:

  • Kyoritsu Pack Test series kits are safe and easy to operate.
  • Safety reagents from Kyoritsu Chemical-Check Lab can be operated easily

3. Higher accuracy and stability 

  • The high-performance monitored-double beam UV-1280 offers easy operation and ensures accurate, stable analysis.

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