solidspec-3700i 3700i DUV


UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer SolidSpec-3700i

  • Perfect for a Wide Variety of Applications

The spectral evaluation function enables unique pass/fail judgments for quality control.

  • High Sensitivity and Wide Measurement Wavelength Range 

High-sensitivity measurements are achieved in deep UV region below 190 nm or in near-infrared region. Measurements are possible over a wide range, as wide as 165 to 3300 nm (using an optional product). The grating-grating type monochromator design enables highly accurate measurements from deep UV to near-infrared regions.

  • Large Sample Compartment Accommodates a Wide Variety of Samples.

Large samples up to 700 × 560 mm can be placed easily in a horizontal position for measurement. Using an automatic X–Y stage (optional), multiple points can be measured automatically on samples sized up to 310 × 310 mm, while keeping the sample compartment purged with nitrogen. For solid samples, the confocal optical path enables selection of either parallel or condensed light for measurements.

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