Packheaters, Chilling Unit




The compact design as table model makes the unit suitable to be used in any kind of practice. It is possible to process Paraligno as well as Parafango Battaglia in the heater. Because of the direct heating system, the Fango heater is highly suitable for sterilising paraffin (at 135 °C).*. The Fango heater is glass wool isolated and is delivered including a splash cover with cold grip.


The Enraf-Nonius paraffin bath operates on the “au-bain-marie” principle. The paraffin is heated directly by the heat transferred from a heat-transfer liquid. As heat-transfer liquid you can use a special thermal-oil (13 ltr). It is possible to heat Paraligno, Parafango and pure paraffin in this bath


The Packheater is used for heating packs. The enamelled heater is standard delivered including base grid. The water temperature is accurately maintaned by a thermostat at a preselected, constant value.


Mobile quick-chiller to bring cold packs to the ideal temperature for use and to make sure they stay that way all day long. The  specially designed chilling elements guarantee a rapid chilling. Easily moved on the 7½ cm rubber wheels.

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