Multi-Dimensional GC/GCMS System


A multi-dimensional GC/GCMS system performs separation using two columns that have different characteristics. The system has a mechanism in which the components that are insufficiently separated in the first column they pass through (the “1st column”) are introduced (“heart-cut”) to a second, different column (the”2nd column”). This enables analysis with a level of separation that cannot be attained in conventional single-column analysis. In addition, the precise flow-switching technology, which is supported by a high-precision digital flow controller, ensures heart-cut analysis with a high level of reproducibility.

Optimized High-Performance System:  Introduction of a new mechanism Multi-Deans Switching.

Improvement of working efficiency with superior operability:  Intuitive Operation Supported by the MDGC control software package MDGCsolution.

Main MDGC Applications: 

Analysis of Specific Components in Samples Containing Several Matrices Petroleum products (e.g., gasoline, light oil, and kerosene), aromas (e.g., foods and beverages), and optical isomers Analysis of Fine Chemical Products and Impurities in Raw Materials Minute peaks were hidden by major components Analysis of Harmful Components in Environmental Samples.