Manumed Xelect



The examination and treatment couch par excellence for a small treatment room and a limited budget. Because of the scissors mechanism the ManuXelect is raised fully vertically. Consequently the ManuXelect takes up only 1.4 m2! The easily adjustable sections make this couch easy to operate and stable throughout. A cost-effective variant for someone who has little space available. The ManuXelect treatment couch comes in two 2-section models and in a 3-section variant.

  • Electrical height adjustment from 48 to 105 cm
  • Section adjustment with gas springs
  • Ergonomic handles for operation with one hand
  • Scissors movement saves space. The couch travels up and down linearly
  • Padded sections with soft edges
  • The nose hole (with optional plug) ensures patient comfort even when lying face down


  • Size tabletop (lxw): 207 – 209 x 67 cm (optional 80 cm width)
  • Height adjustment: approximately 48,5-105,5 cm
  • Lifting time (min.-max.): approximately 35 sec.
  • Lifting capacity: 150 kg (optional 250 kg)
  • Power supply: 120/230VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Current consumption: 1.5 A-350W max. (light) or 2.0 A-470W max. (heavy)
  • Colour code frame: grey = RAL 7035
  • Foam density: 38 Kg/m3

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