Manumed comfort


Comfort and convenience make this Manumed couch the ideal examination couch

Manumed Comfort

The treatment couch for everyone. The large back section makes this couch a combination of adjustability and sitting comfort. You can change from lying face up to sitting without any need for the patient to get off. This makes this couch popular not only with physiotherapists, but also with medical practitioners and aestheticians. The Manumed Comfort offers them an unrivalled examination couch in their practice or studio.

  • Extra large back section makes this product the ideal examination couch
  • Easy change from sitting to lying position with gas spring support
  • Wheel raising mechanism for easy movement of the couch
  • Height can be adjusted hydraulically (no mains lead needed) or electrically (very convenient, smooth and quick)
  • Independently adjustable leg sections (optional)

612 – Manumed Comfort, hydraulic H/L
622 – Manumed Comfort, electric H/L
632 – Manumed Comfort with electrical backsection adjustment, electric H/L

with adjustable leg sections

613 – Manumed Comfort with seperate leg sections, hydraulic H/L
623 – Manumed Comfort with seperate leg sections, electric H/L H/L

Size tabletop (lxw): 200 x 67 cm(for type 612, 622 and 632 optional 80 cm width)
Height adjustment: 46-99 cm electric & 46-96 cm hydraulic
Lifting time (min.-max.): approximately 18 sec.
Lifting capacity: 200 kg (electrical motor optional 250 kg)
Power supply: 120/230VAC 50/60 Hz
Current consumption: 2.0 A max.

This is a medical device: It complies with all applicable medical regulations

Manumed Colours

A matching Enraf-Nonius couch for every interior. As in other practices, a pleasant ambience is important in physiotherapy practices. Clients must feel comfortable in the room where they are being treated. As each practice is furnished differently and has its own colour scheme, we regard it as important for the treatment couches to fit in with your look and feel. That is why we can manufacture our treatment couches in several frame and upholstery colours. Our imitation leather upholstery contains no phthalates and is flame retardant – a unique combination that makes this material suitable for medical use!

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