(GS Global Shutter C-P5GS)

Professional yet very easy to use cameras with several resolutions (5 MP), large SONY EXMOR CMOS sensorUSB3.0 connection and Global Shutter mode. Global Shutter mode can be easily thought of as a ‘Snapshot’ exposure mode, perfect for capturing images of moving objects and enabling ‘freeze frame’ capture of fast changing events, exposing each and every pixel simultaneously.
In addition, the generous dynamic range gives a great response to light and dark simultaneously, being recommened for polarizing light applications.
The compact and elegantly designed housing conceals the very latest in camera technology.
Images will be of the highest quality and rich in contrast and detail with the top-class SONY sensors, worldwide recognized, ensuring beautiful true-to-life color and delivering incredibly accurate colors just as you see them.
Ideal to be connected to all the trinocular tube of different brands using the focusable C-Mount adapter (to be purchased separately).
Downloadable, free of charge software (Windows, Mac OS or Linux) is always available to enable the latest updates.

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