Smart Performance That Boosts Routine Analytical Work:

Smart Performance—Enabling highly sensitive simultaneous analysis of multiple components
Smart Productivity—Achieving superior productivity through dedication to efficiency
Smart Operation—Supporting easy creation of methods and data analysis
The fusion of these three Smart features makes this universal triple quadrupole GC-MS
applicable in any field, where it is sure to deliver the utmost in performance.

Smart Performance: 

Equipped with an ion source that features high sensitivity and long-term stability, and a high-efficiency collision cell, the system can
provide sensitive, stable analyses over a long period of time. Also, since it incorporates the Nexis™ GC-2030, high-precision control
over flowrate and temperature is assured, enabling the acquisition of highly reliable data.

Highly Sensitive and Stable Ion Source:

The effect of the filament’s electric potential on the ion source is
reduced by placing more distance between the filament and ion
source box. In addition, a shield blocks out radiant heat generated
from the filament to ensure the ion source box temperature
remains uniform. Since this prevents any active spots within the
ion source, it provides higher sensitivity for analysis.
(Patent: US7939810)

High-Performance Quadrupole Mass Filter:

The high-accuracy mass filter with pre-rods and patented
electric field control technology achieves high-accuracy
mass separation performance.
Also, the pre-rods minimize quadrupole contamination
and eliminate the need for quadrupole maintenance.

New Flow Controller Achieves Exceptional

A new flow controller (AFC) with a CPU uses various control methods to control carrier gas flow to a constant
flow speed, flowrate, or pressure. It can also accurately trace the analytical conditions already being used.
The split line filter can be replaced without any tools. Internal contamination can be confirmed visually,
ensuring filters are replaced at the proper time.