Smart Solutions Expanding the Possibilities of Laboratories to their Fullest Potential

GC/MS is now a standard analytical technique used in a variety of fields. With each new
development, requests for more cost-effective systems and improvements in the work-life
balance of users grows. Dedicated to improving efficiency, the GCMS-QP2020 NX can assist
any laboratory, regardless of its analysis focus, achieve its full potential.

Ion Source Featuring High Sensitivity and Long-Term Stability:

The filament and the ion source box have been separated, which reduces
the impact of the filament potential on the interior of the ion source.
In addition, a shield is provided to block radiant heat generated by the
filament, achieving a uniform temperature inside the ion source box. Thus,
active spots inside the ion source are not prone to occur, enabling
high-sensitivity analysis with long-term stability. (Patent: US7939810)

Large-Capacity Differential Exhaust System:

Through adoption of a new type of turbomolecular pump with increased exhaust efficiency, the
system’s performance is greatly improved when using hydrogen or nitrogen, in addition to
helium, as the carrier gas. Moreover, a differential exhaust method is used to create a vacuum
separately for the ion source and the quadrupole. As a result, an optimal MS state can be
realized regardless of the conditions imposed by the carrier gas used.

Advanced Scanning Speed Protocol (ASSP™):

The rod bias voltage is automatically optimized during
high-speed data acquisition, which minimizes
sensitivity deterioration during high-speed scans of
10,000 u/sec or faster. The sensitivity obtained is at
least five times better than with conventional systems.
This is effective for scan data sensitivity improvements
and favorable mass spectrum acquisition, particularly
in high-speed analysis with Fast-GC/MS, simultaneous
Scan/SIM, FASST analysis, and applications using GC ×
GC-MS. (Patent: US6610979)


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