GC-2025 – Energy Saving Capillary Gas Chromatograph


Shimadzu’s new-generation GC-2025 capillary gas chromatograph minimizes environmental impact by reducing power and carrier gas consumption while retaining the
performance capabilities required for capillary analysis.

Unique, Eco-friendly Technology for High Energy Savings:

A compact design and efficient insulating materials inside the
oven minimizes the heat capacity and heat loss, thereby reducing
electricity costs and realizing more environmentally friendly

Power Consumption Display Function:

In addition to instrument status, the power consumption is
displayed on the main screen. With this meter, power
consumption can be checked at a glance, helping to increase
awareness of energy savings and ecology in the laboratory.

Carrier Gas Saver Function:

Because helium is an expensive resource, its use as carrier gas
should be minimized. The carrier gas saver function allows you
to reduce the carrier gas emitted from the system by reducing
the split ratio in the analysis.