Cheapest Professional device for Interferential Current (IFC) and TENS

The Endomed 182 is a mains-powered 2 channel electrostimulator for Pain Management and offers the following current wave forms:
● 2-pole Interferential Current (IFC)
● 4-pole / tetrapolar Interferential Current (IFC)
● 4-pole IFC with Isoplanar Vector
● Asymmetric Biphasic Pulsed Current (TENS)
● Burst TENS

Smart in design, smart in performance!

The Endomed 182 is the new dimension in physical therapy modalities. Its advanced software design is smart in its features, functions and usability. The result is a device that empowers therapists to offer extraordinary versatile treatment options to patients, with an exceptional clever way of operating the device.

2 independent channels

Settings for 2-pole Interferential Current (2-pole) and TENS can be equally distributed through two channels (four electrodes), while intensity of each channel can be individually adjusted.

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