EN-Tree Pulley



The EN-Track concept gives you full control over the active rehabilitation process, ensuring optimum treatment at all times. Training schemes (including MTT, Strength Training and Cardiovascular Training) can easily be compiled using the training recommendations already preprogrammed in EN-Track.

Data is collected by the patients themselves and is added to their patient status entirely automatically. The basic concept can be adapted to suit individual needs, thus guaranteeing a personalised but fully automatic monitoring of every patient. Needless to say, the ultimate training goal and the steps selected to achieve it are all fully user-definable. During the training phase, feedback of results is guaranteed.

In EN-Track, there are tests to determine initial values and training protocols linked to these aimed at power, condition, duration, interval or fat burning. On the basis of these tests and objectives, you can plan out a full exercise programme for both patients (medical fitness) and clients (general fitness and well-being). EN-Track makes it possible to have exercise programmes adapted progressively and automatically to the loadability of the user. This adaptation is checked so that overload is avoided. This also makes EN-Track exceptionally well suited for both fitness and medical fitness objectives.

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