EN-TRAIN - High quality training the easy way!

EN-Train concept

EN-Train is the software concept by EnrafNonius for Medical Training Therapy (MTT) and Medical Fitness. A concept that allows you to design the best exercise programmes for your patients quickly and with ease. This can be achieved using 3 toolboxes that form a standard part of the program. For example, using pre-programmed exercise protocols, you can design a high quality cardio or strength training programme that meets your needs and insights completely.

Tests and measurements

EN-Train also has a lot to offer in the field of testing and measuring. Various tests (including 6MWT, Steep Ramp Test, 1RM strength test) and measurements (blood pressure, fat percentage, etc.) are a standard part of the package. You can save your favourite tests and exercise programmes under any name. In no time you can create a list of your personal “Favourites”. These Favourites can be recalled with just a few mouse clicks and linked to each patient in your patient list (database).


EN-Train software is compatible with all Enraf-Nonius strength and cardio machines that are fitted with a chip card reader. All data (test results and personalised exercise programmes) are transferred from/to the PC and the exercise machines using a chip card and are automatically added to the patient file. The EN-Train program is extremely flexible and allows you to guide the rehabilitation process very efficiently from start to finish. Fast, simple and 100% tailored to your patient’s level (of fitness) and the envisaged training goal.

Reporting options

The EN-Train package offers you excellent reporting options that give you insight into each exercise that has been performed and the progress.

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