EN-dynamic - True physical rehabilitation units

Easy adjustable

Sixteen machines working with air pressure which are easily accessible, easy adjustable and can be used with or without the smart EN-Train software which enables the therapist and patient to keep track of the training settings and progress of an exercise programme. The EN-Dynamic units are developed in such a way that minimal steps in increasing the resistance is possible (so always the exact dosage) and it is possible to adjust from a very small to a very large resistance.
Based on the patient’s physical disability, the EN-Dynamic units are making it possible to build up the therapy, improving physical and mental well-being. Not only the physical condition will improve, but also the patient’s confidence to confront with and without the impairment, daily life. With any of the EN-Dynamic units, in combination with EN-Train, it is possible to create a customized training plan or to make use of the pre-programmed parameters. With the help of the EN-Train software it is even easier to guide, track and involve patients! During the exercises, the settings can be adjusted if the therapist wants to. Intervention of the therapist is possible at all times. He has full control over the therapy and guides the patient during the recovery process and contributes to physical and mental improvement so the patient can resume life with confidence. Results of the training can be stored by EN-Train and can be discussed by therapist and patient, so progress is carefully tracked and steered if necessary!

User-friendly touchscreen interface

  • NEW: Now it is possible to record the correct motion, guided by the therapist. After the recording, the screen will help the patient to exercise with the (recorded) correct ROM and speed!
  • Just turn the button to set the resistance and start exercising.
  • Or program a simple training sequence (repetitions or training time, number of sets and pause time) in just a couple of seconds.
  • It is even possible to prepare a complete training on a chip card with EN-Train software.


  • Settings can be done with the display, so without and hassle with stacks of weights.
  • The use of EN-Train chip cards is possible because of the electronic steering.
  • With pneumatic resistance a patient trains at a consistent level throughout a training. The controlled motion protects joint strain and overexertion that can lead to injury because there is no mass inertia. With pneumatic resistance, resistance is more consistent and controlled when compared to free weights or weight machines. With the precision of pneumatic resistance, peak forces will not occur, no overload. The safest and the best training can be offered to those who need the best care and cure.

Strong – Robust – Reliable – Safe –
Made by Enraf-Nonius, Top quality units for top performance on guaranteed safe, medical units

Medical Device so ergonomic and safe
Designed according to medical directives, so the most comfortable and safe units for physical rehabilitation

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