Cross walker


Cross walker - Total workout ergometer

Total workout ergometer

The Crosswalker is a total workout ergometer in which both the upper and lower extremities are fully involved in the power generation. By combining these two ballistic movements, extra-high demands are made on the user’s cardio-respiratory capacity. In addition, this ergometer is exceptionally well suited for cardiorespiratory restricted patients since it is possible to set an exceedingly low resistance of just 5 Watts.

Unique “constant torque” mode

With the EN-Cardio Crosswalker, overload of the rehabilitating patient is avoided since the “torque” can be kept constant. For devices without torque control, a decrease of the number of rotations per minute (RPM) will result in an increase of resistance. With these ergometers the risk of overload may occur, since the resistance will rise as the patient pedals more slowly. In addition, this is extremely frustrating for the patients, since, when they become tired, the exercise becomes even harder! With the EN Cardio Crosswalker and the constant torque mode, this is avoided. Your patients will be able to rehabilitate in a safe and pleasant way.

EN-Train compatible

The EN-Cardio Crosswalker can be controlled from the EN-Train concept so that the entire training can be put together beforehand in a simple way. The exercise protocol and the individual training values of the Crosswalker are automatically set by means of a chipcard. The results are monitored in the software, where progression and regression are incorporated in the training program.
Easy and well suited for anybode

The EN-Cardio Crosswalker is exceptionally easy to operate. With the aid of the EN-Train chipcard everything is automated, but even without it the Crosswalker can be operated by anybody! A sophisticated and extensively tested interface ensures that everyone, young or old, can easily get going with this high performance ergometer.

  • Uniformity in operation
  • Full colour touchscreen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wear-resistant eddy-current brake
  • Pulse monitoring by means of Sigma Sport chest-strap and built-in receiver
  • Low-noise belt-drive
  • Smart-card technology
  • Gaming mode
  • HR-trainingzones

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