UniBloc Analytical Balances


User-friendly Features

  • WIDE User-friendly Weighing Chamber

The large dimensions of the weighing chamber allow easy measurement of even tall asks. Equalization in temperature before the measurement is essential in precision weighing. This is easy with the extra space allowing samples to be kept inside the chamber. Weighing work is made easy by the smooth door movement.The doors can be detached to allow the chamber to be cleaned with ease and it is also possible to remove, clean, or replace the door rail.

  • Easy Level Adjustment

Level adjustment, particularly important in installing an analytical balance, can be performed with ease using an easy-to-view level gauge at the front of the balance and large level screws.

  • Metal Housing

The aluminum die-cast housing offers lasting high-quality exterior, protection of the core mechanism, and ease of cleaning.

  • Backlit Display

Allows use under poor lighting conditions (AUW models)

  • Comfortable Key Operation

The embossed key panel sheet provides clear clicking response when operated. If you choose, the key operations are confirmed with a gentle beeping sound, too.

  • Analog Bar Graph Display

The analog display allows the operator to see at a glance how much more can be loaded before reaching the weighing capacity.

  • In-use protective cover

Keeps dirt away from key panel and display.

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