High Microscope Cameras

High Sensitivity Fluorescence Cameras

In order to detect the often low levels of fluorescence emitted by specimess, cameras used in fluorescence microscopy must have particular features, including high sensitivity and low noise, in order to capture as many photons as possible.
These cameras are typically equipped with CCD sensor, although nowadays there is always a larger selection of scientific-grade CMOS. Monochrome cameras are usually more suited to fluorescence imaging as they do not have a colour filter array, and enable more photons to reach the sensor, increasing their sensitivity very significantly compared to the color sensors.
The most indicated camera depends case by case, as it is of fundamental importance to consider the sample being imaged, the fluorochromes used, the required frame-rate, field of view, resolution and sensitivity.

CMOS, Rolling Shutter

CMOS, Global Shutter

CCD Rolling Shutter