Solutions for Lubricant Monitoring

Lubricants are the lifeblood of mechanical engines and provide critical friction reducing,
cooling, and cleaning properties that are essential to their proper
functioning and operation. Over time and throughout their use, lubricants
degrade, and that functionality and those properties become inhibited. This
degradation can cause mechanical problems and shorten the lifespan of an
Just as clinical analyses of human blood can diagnose health conditions, chemical
analysis of lubricants ensures their performance and can indicate mechanical
issues that demand attention, which is critical to the functioning of engines and
motors. Particularly on large engines or turbines in which the volume of oil in
the sump can be thousands of times greater than in a passenger car, routine
monitoring of lubricants ensures optimal performance, minimizes costs, and can
protect the engine. Shimadzu has all of the tools necessary for common lubricant
analysis, including additives and degradation as well as fuel dilution, wear metals,
and other contaminants.


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