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Technology Links has been serving the laboratories all across Pakistan by providing the latest instrumentation for the improvement of Qualitative and Quantitative analysis for 20 years.

In a rapidly revolutionizing world of science and technology the consumer is growing more aware of quality and is no longer interested in sub standard products. To facilitate the needs of the industries Technology Links has hence taken an initiative to provide to Pakistan’s Market a service in the form of technical training courses.

These courses that are being offered are designed to help scientists develop the basic understanding of concepts on chromatography through rigorous exploration of fundamental concepts, working principles, troubleshooting, techniques, maintenances and applications with hands on exposure on the instruments involved.

Scientists after completion of these courses will be more confident in handling the HPLC and or GC for both qualitative and quantitative analyses. They will also better understand the versatile application which can be performed on the instruments.

Technology Links with the addition of its own application Laboratory is now able to provide comprehensive application, and method development support.

We can now help the manufacturers and researchers meet their diverse QC/QA needs by providing them assistance at various steps of both qualitative and quantitative analysis process.

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– Understanding the HPLC System
– Theory of Chromatographic Separation
– HPLC Column Technology
– Mobile Phase Chemistry and Optimization
– Improving Separation by Controlling the Variables
– Choosing the Right Detector
– Hands-on-Operation and Routine maintenance
– Troubleshooting Tips and tricks


– Basic working principals of the GC System
– Chromatographic Separation on GC
– GC Column Technology
– Carrier gas behaviors and its Optimization
– Understanding factors effecting the Separation
– Working mechanisms of GC Detectors
– Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
– Hands-on-Operation and Routine maintenance


– Learn a Skill set to confidently be able to operate HPLCs. and GCs.

– To be able to reproduce accurate and precise results.

– To be able to identify errors and rectify them by adjusting the right parts.

– Learn maintenance procedures for the instruments in operation.

– Techniques to reduce number of runs, not compromising on results.

Will obtain competitive advantage in the market for having a specialized skill set for conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis with superior command.

– Will have professionals who will easily qualify and meet the international accreditation bodies.

– Will have staff who will know how to maintain instruments in the lab resulting in longer lasting instruments.

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