About Us

Technology Links is a private limited company incorporated in Pakistan in 1989. It is essentially a trading house which represents high quality instruments from manufactures all around the world. Its head office is located in Karachi and it has branches in all major cities in the country. With staff strength of over a hundred, and a management composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company caters primarily to requirements in the health, research, technical and engineering education sectors. Thus, Technology Links is perhaps the only company in Pakistan, which provides meaningful links, under one roof, to the Educationist, Doctor, Scientist and Engineer alike. As well as this, the company supplies equipment and machinery related to industry and infrastructure development.

The company’s range of activities include the following:

  1. Indenting
  2. Sales Promotion of specialized Products\Instruments.
  3. Installation and application implementation services.
  4. Provision of on-site training.
  5. After sales service.
  6. Engineering services related to implementation of projects.

The company philosophy is to maintain the highest possible standards while responding to customers’ needs. The company therefore, demands of itself and its employees the highest levels of integrity, performance and quality, and continuously seeks to improve its position as one of best companies of its kind in Pakistan

Technology Links has divided it instrument ranges into four divisions.

  1. Scientific Division
  2. Education Division
  3. Medical Division
  4. Material Testing Division


The Company Policy is to maintain the highest possible standards while responding to customer needs. The company therefore, demands from its employees, the highest level of integrity, performance and quality. Continuously seeking to improve its position in health, research, technical education sectors and striving to become the most respected and reliable corporate citizen of its kind in Pakistan.


The company specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of equipment in the following fields:

Health, Education, Training, Research, Quality Control, Laboratory, Environment & Pollution Control, Material Testing

To be able to cover the entire spectrum of instrumentation in these fields, the company represents a number of manufacturers and suppliers from different parts of the world in its endeavor to be a single source under one roof in Pakistan


The company undertakes to sell the products of the companies, which it represents as sole distributor/agent in Pakistan. Responding to tenders and calls for bids form the major part of the business intake on a commercial basis.

This intake of business comprises sales from stock as well as sales on indents provided to customers by our principals. The process includes introduction of products to potential customers by sales promotion and product demonstrations, installation and commissioning, provision of warranty services and maintenance thereafter, for the normal life of the product.

Commercial business is at present equally divided between the public and private sectors. Public sector customers include Hospitals, Clinics, Universities, and Research Centers as well as production units. Private sector clients include Organizations within the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Cement Industries as well as Power Plants, Private Hospitals, and, more recently, Engineering and Medical Educational Institutions.

With the current trend towards privatization, it is expected that the share of business from the private sector will soon exceed the share of the public sector, thereby reversing an established trend.